First, why do you need a virtual assistant (VA)?

Our society is fully embracing the digital lifestyle. More businesses and individuals realise that they need help to keep up in the fast-moving world but without the high overhead costs. A virtual assistant will do some of the tasks you want to delegate to someone else.

Consider hiring a VA…

  • If you need someone to deal with the mundane tasks of your business.
  • Because outsourcing is one way to reduce overhead costs.
  • To save time. You will have someone focused on the specific job. That means you get to focus on what you want to do.
  • To remove training costs. The VA is already skilled in the service.
Feeling overwhelmed? Try the support offered by a virtual assistant.

TNJ Virtual Biz offers writing services for busy people.
Our clients include non-English speakers, graduates, job seekers, bloggers/writers, and those needing help with their social media posts.

We will help you with writing business emails/letters and job applications. Is your niche in the areas of food, travel or pets? We will write your articles (print and online), blogs or SM because we love these, too.

So what is the next step? Use the contact form below to discuss the support you think you may need. We can discuss your concerns and goals. If TNJ Virtual Biz cannot help you, we can recommend another VA. We are not unreasonable because our goal is to help you. Just read what a few of our satisfied clients had to say.

Content Writing

Blogging, writing, & social media posts.

Other Writing

E-mail and letter-writing.

Let’s discuss what you need and the options!