Online English Lessons with Andie


I am Andie Hall, your ESL/EFL tutor.

I have over 11 years of working as an assistant language teacher in Japan. I, also, have over four years of online English teaching experience. I specialise in conversational English.

My teaching style is conversational, respectful and personable. I encourage students to ask and answer questions.

I have helped students of various backgrounds for more than 15 years.

Students achievements:

– Improvements in English conversations.

– Improved their college essays.

– Prepared speeches for business, and speech contests.

– Learned to enjoy the language.

I can help you, too!

My introduction.

About me

I enjoy cooking, travelling, writing, gardening, animal rescue & rehoming and photography. I love nature and animals.

Languages – English (native) BrE & AmE, and Jamaican Creole/Patois (native).

What do you get?

  • First time? Get one free 15-minute trial lesson.
  • Inexpensive and fun conversational lessons.
  • You can get 1-to-1 lessons with a friendly tutor.
  • Discounted rate: Invite a friend for 1-to-2 lessons, or invite 3 friends for a group lesson.
  • You can pick the topic you are interested in.
  • Assistance with speech and interview preparation.
  • Reading activities, role play, discussions and more.

Reasonable Prices

30-Minute Per Lesson
$12.00 USD

30-Minute 5 Lessons
$54.00 USD

30-Minute 10 Lessons
$96.00 USD

60-Minute Per Lesson
$25.00 USD

60-Minute 5 Lessons
$112.50 USD

60-Minute 10 Lessons
$200.00 USD

Book your free 15-minute trial lesson:

YouTube channel: Andie.Teacher .

See some videos or posts here. Check schedule for available class times.

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