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Short Video Introduction

Just a little about my business and me.

Stepping out of my comfort zone. Drop any question in the comments below.

Sorry about the orientation of the video. I didn’t know the phone needed to be held upright.

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Proofreading and Editing

Sentences – a group of words used to express something. They have rules that we follow, but some common examples are:

The crowd cheered.
Tommy picked a mango.
Are you ready?
It is raining.

Do you know what else sentences are?

  • They are a part of the building blocks of a paragraph.

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Additional TNJ Virtual Biz Service

Tapping into the my work experience, I am moving away from my current company-based teaching job. I will offer, along with my virtual assistant services, conversationsal English classes online.

My background: I worked as an ALT in Japan for over 10 years. I worked for international companies in Jamaica, and I have a interest helping people reach their goal in language learning.

My current status: Virtual Assistant and online English tutor.

First step: One trial lesson for online conversational English.

Watch this short introductory video on Youtube.