Hello! I am Andie Hall, founder of TNJ Virtual Biz. I’m a virtual assistant, an ESL teacheer, a part-time blogger, a foodie, and a cat foster mom. My interests and experiences have influenced the services my business offers.

TNJ Virtual Biz supports persons in need of a writer. I offer writing services because I enjoy this. Researching for an article or blog may be a lot to have on your plate. Having your own VA who will research and put the article together removes one task from your list of many.

I am excited to offer my support to you, so you have one less thing to worry about. Are you ready to start?

My history in a nutshell

Work history: customer service, print reporter, cook, assistant language teacher, online tutor and cat rescuer. I have a BSc. in Food Service Management from the University of Technology, Jamaica. Some of my interests include creating recipes, producing cooking videos, writing stories and travelling. I started TNJ Virtual Biz in 2020 to have a flexible lifestyle while providing writing support to others. My mantra is ‘Daring to be adaptable.’